Rodney Andrews

Evangelist Rodney Andrews is on a mission to win souls for the Kingdom Of God. He has a heart for the down-trodden. He is known in the Christian community for his gift of reaching out to at-risk individuals and convincing them that God is their answer.

Evangelist Rodney Andrews has received several awards and acknowledgments from various Government leaders for his work in the community. He has been instrumental in partnering with group homes, where the church’s van ministry picks up families for church services. He also has a feeding ministry where he serves food to the community.

Evangelist Rodney Andrews has a heart to share Jesus Christ. He birthed his first church in 1995 and it grew from 7 people to 200 people within two years because of outreach evangelism. His theory is there are enough people who don’t know Jesus and they won’t know Him unless someone introduces them to Him. In other words, he goes out to the hedges and highways to compel men to come! He has been instrumental in birthing three churches and all of them experienced phenomenal membership growth.

Evangelist Rodney Andrews received his bachelor degree in Theology from Sacramento Theological Seminary. He is a native of Oakland, California and currently resides in Elk Grove, California with his wife of 34 years. They have four children together.